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November, 2013

I joined Configure express Queen Street approximately 12 months ago after returning to work after maternity leave to help me lose those post pregnancy kilo's.  I chose Configure Express Queen Street because its close to work ( No excuses) I do the lunch time classes, there is also a branch close to home so I can go there on weekends.  Configure Express Queen Street has helped me lose 9 kg's and reach my goal/pre pregnancy weight.  They are also lovely friendly people both staff and other clients, which makes your exercise experience even more enjoyable .

I would recommend you try it too



I love Boot Camp, it keeps me coming back for more. The instructor's humour takes you rmind off what you're doing and I am really happy with how my fitness and body shape have improved since starting.



I was unsure what to expect of boot camp and whether I would be able to achieve what was expected and keep up with others. I have now proven it is acheivable, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. (hard work too)

Working within a team/coach environment inspires you on and drives you to work through all the exercises towards an end goal. Yes, it has definately increased my fitness levels, while toning and shaping the body. Our Trainer is awesome, and has the experience and knowledge of the levels to push us, with both a challenging and rewarding program, full of fun and friendly banter. It has become a great way to start the day.



Since commencing Boot Camp back in October, I have found that it has a huge impact on my fitness, strength, energy levels and my overall wellbeing.

I find it is a brilliant kick start to my day and it's nice to know that you can come home and relax afetr work without having to think about getting your workout in.


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